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jomo 01-19-2013 08:26 AM

stock market
I'm going to be teaching 6th graders about the Great Depression and I need some ideas for teaching about the stock market crash and why that had such a devastating effect on the country. Any help appreciated!

Shaun1898 01-22-2013 08:48 PM

Stock Market Activity

My class did an activity where the kids got into groups of three or four and gave them each $200 of monopoly money or whatever you want to use as their life savings. I then told showed them three made up stocks for the price of $20 a share. They could put as much as they wanted into it, and had them do as they please. I then gradually increased the price, which of course the kids thought that it was great that they were making money, and decided to invest more. When some of the kids ran out of money, I offered to have them borrow some money from me (the lender) with the promise of their word to pay me back. After about 5 rounds, I began to lower the price a little bit on the stocks, causing the kids to realize that they're going to lose all of their money. When they took all of their money back, I ask for my money back as the lender and of course they couldn't come up with the money. I then explained that this is what happened in 1929, and why it had such an impact on the economy of the nation. It went something along those lines and it really worked out greatly.

Hope I could help!

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