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sandycheeks 09-27-2016 02:11 PM

Wrong way to deal with anxiety.
I am a confident teacher and don't mind getting up in front of my class, groups of parents, other staff, etc. I don't mind speaking up for my self or discussing important issues with colleagues and others. I have been successful in my career. And I know it. But I still get anxieties related to the stress of accounting for so many other people in the building (children, plus staff). Then the stresses of my personal life, separate from school, get into my head as well. I try to keep my anxieties and emotions under lock and key...and have patience. But it comes out in the for of picking at my skin. It becomes compulsive and I don't realize I'm doing it until after the picking has broken my skin.

I wonder if any other teachers have this form of anxiety/this issue. It's hard because as a teacher, I'm feel like i'm in the lime-light a lot and then I get embarrassed about the marks I've made on my skin.

kahluablast 09-27-2016 03:06 PM

I don't, but I don't doubt that many people do things like this. I wonder if doing something else, like putting a rubber band around your wrist and "flicking" it would help stop your picking? Substituting something less obvious for the problem?

Hope someone else can help. My anxiety manifests inside my head. Crazy town in there, sometimes. But I don't think others see it. <!--eyebrow--> That might be denial! LOL

GraceKrispy 09-29-2016 08:44 PM

What kahlua said- replace that behavior with something else. It's tricky, but can be done. You just have to really work on consciously changing the behavior until it becomes a new habit. Keeping a worry fidget in your pocket can help. Have it in hand as much as possible so you fidget with that instead of picking at your skin. Since "picking" is such a habit, it can be helpful to have something you can scrape at or pick at. For example, you can pick away at a crayon (but it makes a mess). You can also try to prevent yourself from picking. Wear gloves whenever possible, put a slick lotion on your face that makes it harder to pick. Basically, make it as hard to pick as possible.

You're not the only teacher who experiences anxiety, and you're not the only one who picks. That's actually a somewhat common response to anxiety. Unfortunately, it can be noticeable. Hopefully someone with personal experience can chime in as well! I'm sorry you're going through this.

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