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doddlebug 12-16-2016 05:33 AM

my nutrition angel
I am trying to deal with overwhelming stress and my weight. I am killing myself. :-( So, I know someone in my community that is willing to help me by cooking healthy meals for me. So far it has been amazing. My question is how do I pay her. I want to pay her for groceries, her planning and cooking. How do I decide how much to pay her? What is reasonable.

eeza 12-16-2016 09:23 AM

nutrition angel
First of all, good for you for deciding to take better care of your mental and physical health. Your nutrition angel does sound amazing.

Here are some ideas:
  • gift card to the grocery store she shops at to cover the groceries
  • additional gift card on a regular basis to a fun store so she can buy something for herself
  • pay for a someone to do her lawn/yard, to come and clean her house, etc.
  • do a quid pro quo thing and do something for her that she needs
Best of luck! :D

GraceKrispy 12-17-2016 05:06 PM

What a wonderful friend! So you want to pay her for her services, correct? I like eeza's ideas. Do you have any idea how much she is spending on groceries? Is she open to you asking her how much it costs and then you can give her money (or gc) above that to cover her time and planning? As far as what is reasonable, it's hard to say how because different foods costs different amounts, and grocery costs vary quite a bit around the country. When you found this person, did pay not come up?

doddlebug 12-19-2016 03:05 AM

I have known her for a while. She is a substitute at our school, she also works two other jobs. I realized she is a vegan, I am a vegan "wanna be." I only eat chicken and some fish. She would post some of her recipes online and I approached her. I have paid her pretty well already for groceries and labor as we try this out. Now I want to continue her services. So I am trying to come up with a fair weekly payment. She of course is too nice to ask for much, shrugging it off. I want to help her and myself. I see it as a win win. I just want to make sure she is paid well. :-)

GraceKrispy 12-25-2016 09:43 PM

What a wonderful situation! It might not be too much extra time for her, if she's maybe already cooking the meals for herself? You could always look at what it costs to hire a personal chef in your area, and pay accordingly (taking into account she's not a professional).

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