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kcushing105 07-10-2017 05:45 PM

Disney Themed Bulletin Boards
Hi All,

I am changing my classroom theme from Hollywood to Disney this year. I have all of my ideas set except for my job board. I am struggling to come up with cute names for my helpers. I personally don't like the "normal" job names, so I make them match my theme. For example, last year my line leader was the lead actor and my helper was the assistant director. I am trying to create names for my helpers with a Disney related theme. Here are the ideas I have so you can see I am struggling and would love your help!! Thoughts?

Line Leader-?
Caboose- Fintastic Follower (Finding Nemo)
Teacher's Helper- Royal Helper (Cinderella)
Messenger- Magical Messenger
Paper Passer- Magic Carpet Deliverer? (Aladdin) (I'm not in love with it because I have already used magical)
Cleaning Crew- Decontamination Station (Monsters Inc.)
Substitutes- Bipity Bopity Backups
Extras--- Thingamabobs (The Little Mermaid--I'll have about 20 students here at a time so it fit the Thingamabobs nicely) (This is my storage area--they don't currently have a job)

luvtulearn 07-10-2017 08:22 PM

line leader --pace car ------(Cars)

Caboose--safety car----(Cars). . . I think in NASCAR they make sure the other cars follow the pace car out of the pit???

Materials Manager--- Elsa or Kristoff (Frozen). . .I like Olaff

Here are a few others in case you need them

Bathroom break----pit stop (Cars)

Reading----Wrap your Paws around a Great Book---( 101 Dalmatians)

Lunch count --doggie dishes --(101 Dalmatians)

luvtulearn 07-10-2017 08:28 PM

I like this
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In case you need something for pirates or Treasure Island you might want to include this famous Walt Disney quote

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