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Mteachertrav 01-23-2018 04:26 PM

Student concern not sure what to do
I am extremely concerned about one of my students and not sure what to do. This comes especially in light of recent events. I have an eight grader that is exhibiting extremely disturbing behaviors and my administration has brushed it all off.
In LA he wrote an assignment that contained a lot of violence. The students were asked to predict what could happen this year and he talked about school shootings. Many of his writing pieces discuss shooting and violence. He is obsessed with weapons. Today I found a folder of his that had drawings of nooses, knives and guns. This isn't the first drawing of weapons either. He has also been found drawing hate speech, swastikas s around the star of David. For that, he received a couple of detentions and was laughing and bragging to other students.
He is very withdrawn and does no work. He does not seem to think any rules apply to him and has no remorse. I am legitimately concerned his behavior may escalate to something violent, but admin does not. Any advice?

Tounces 02-05-2018 04:16 PM

Talk to the school psychologist to get their opinion. Maybe s/he could do an observation and talk to him about his drawings too.
We have a third grader doing the same type of stuff. The parents are aware. Heís autistic and his interest is in school shootings. He knows a lot about the details of all of them. We were talking about trying to replace his behavior with an interest in Star Wars or something similar. I donít work directly with him so I donít know what came of it. To me, itís scary and shouldnít be taken lightly.

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