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JulieP 07-11-2018 08:41 AM

Going ALL OUT Harry Potter!
I'm finally doing it!!!!! I'm embracing my obsession this year. I am again in a portable classroom with those AWFUL panel walls. It's a small space, but my biggest class is 15. So far, here is what I have:

~ Walls- I'm going to purchase some peel and stick wall paper that looks like brick, aka Diagon Alley entrance, platform 9 3/4 entrance.

~ Job board is titled House-Elf placement Agency and most of the jobs have elf in the title.

~ I do a class economy. Our Bank, of course, is Gringotts. I made new money, all with HP themed pics. Our store is Madame P's Magical Menagerie.

~I'm getting all four of these quidditch lamps to place around the room

~I have a Hedwig, but think I'll try to find a cage to put it in.
~ I renamed the classes on my schedule. Ancient Languages is ELA and A History if Ilvermorny is US history. We also have a 20 minute Muggle Studies which is our Reading Zone time.

kahluablast 07-11-2018 09:03 AM

One of my dd would have LOVED being in your room. The other would have hated it.

Enjoy your year. I think it sounds fun, even though I don't do themes. I am lucky to have matching colors.... Just isn't me. <!--sunglasses-->

JulieP 07-11-2018 10:19 AM

I don't generally do themes, either. But 7 years of these horrible panel walls that are old and scuffed. I'm done having to look at them. I can't paint, so I wanted to put wall paper up that will easily come down when I move again in 2 years. lol
When I saw the brick wallpaper, I knew I had to go big. <!--giggle-->LOL

Mammabear4 07-19-2018 02:05 PM

House names for groups?
I am obsessed with HP as well. My son not so much.

forkids2 07-23-2018 09:07 AM

Your classroom sounds like it will be a magical place. Have fun and have a great year.

Kinderkr4zy 08-05-2018 06:51 PM

I see that this thread is a bit old but this is the first time I am seeing it and I have to say-I LOVE IT!

I am also a big HP fan and it would be a hoot to do an HP room.

Personally I'd call computers Muggle Studies. Reading time I'd call Divination (since you want them to read their "tea leaves" and divine what it is about and make inferences and predictions).

Table groups could be Hufflepuff, GRiffendor, Ravenclaw ans Slytherin and you could award house points. Table captains (If you have table captains would turn in everyone's work and get supplies for the tables and stuff) could be prefects.

You could use the HP music for your transitions.

Instead of using a pointer you could use a wand.

This theme could just keep going :D How fun

KatieViolet 08-05-2018 08:08 PM

I love it!

Will your students call you Professor? ;)

JulieP 08-11-2018 07:00 PM

Yikes! What I want to put up on the walls is expensive!!! Might have to do just one wall for now.

I bought some great stuff off of TPT: HP Cursive Alphabet, HP Parts of Speech posters, House posters, and a couple of quotes.
I need a wand and robes, sorting hat, and cauldron now. lol.

Candiqueen 08-01-2019 12:08 PM

An instructional assistant transformed our library into Hogwarts. She found this plastic covering that looked like castle bricks at the dollar store.

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