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Sophianna 08-17-2018 09:15 PM

I'm at my wits end. I attended a university in Missouri where they were not yet CACREP accredited. (They are currently going through that process, but I was too far along in the program to be grandfathered in and thereby considered CACREP.) Since I was a teacher prior to this, I didn't realize what a negative effect this could have.

I was granted certification by the state of Missouri, but couldn't find a job. I took the NCE and passed, and was offered a job in Louisiana that requires a PLPC. But now Louisiana won't grant me a PLPC b/c they say I am three hours short for what they require. I figured at least I had certification. But no, the state of Louisiana is denying my certification now b/c they say as of June 2017, you had to have graduated from a university with CACREP accreditation. (I finished in December of 2017.)

I do not know what to do. I have relocated my entire life to this state, and now I cannot obtain any of the things I need. I feel like I wasted my money attending this university, which obviously I'll be paying off for years to come. Does anyone know what my options are at this point? I plan on appealing both decisions, but who knows if that will work.

GraceKrispy 08-25-2018 06:55 PM

I don't have any personal experience with your problem (I don't even know what CACREP is, but I get that it's an accreditation of some sort), so I'm not sure what to do? Does Louisiana have any ideas for you on how you can get those 3 hours or how you can make up for not having CACREP? Alternatively, are there other places you can practice (in private schools, maybe?) without that state certification? Or any emergency/temporary certification?

I'm sorry, I wish I knew what to say. I'm glad you're appealing. It's hard to make up for not having the accreditation required. :( Let us know how the appeal goes!

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