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FMT 11-21-2018 05:44 AM

ODD like student
I have a student who is very oppositional. I am trying to get her on track every day of every moment. Her behavior is very forceful and I know that she can out do anyone in the school with her yelling and words. Admin encourages me to keep her happy and up. It is very challenging because she can change moods within seconds.

It is very hard but I am keeping an even tone while dealing with her. I have a list of things I can have her do which feeds into her need to be "in charge".

She will be receiving some additional support but I don't think this enough. It is the beginning stages of help.

No one has said this to me in so many words but I think the school is moving slowly on this child because special additional support cost money. There is a classroom that is available but we have not started the process of a team meeting. Our admin likes to handle things "in house' . In my opinion they are wanting to be on the cutting edge and don't want help.

There are multiple students like this in the grade level.

I also feel that it is politically dangerous to pursue this situation of bad behavior and push or inquire about additional help. One admin off handedly said they will need to deal with the child for a few more years and will run out of things to do to address her behavior.

I know additional support is expensive but this child is allowed to behave this way because her life situation is not as good as the other students.

How about the disturbance she is creating in the classroom?

GraceKrispy 11-25-2018 05:50 PM

That sounds very stressful, I'm sorry you are having to deal with this without adequate support for the child. It sounds like you are doing the best you can with the resources you have.

It sounds like you just needed to vent, but if I'm misinterpreting, my apologies.

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