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BioEducator87 02-18-2020 06:38 AM

Internship for School Counseling?
Hello, I am seriously interested in pursuing a career in school counseling. However, I am concerned about the internship and practicum hours that are required. Did anyone teach full-time while completing the internship or is it possible? I would not be able to quit my full-time job.

eeza 02-18-2020 01:38 PM

I went through a school psych program which had similar requirements to the school counseling. I ended up working only part time and doing my internship hours the rest of the time. It wasn't possible to do both since internship hours was almost a full time gig.

Haley23 02-18-2020 04:32 PM

My best friend did a counseling MA program that allowed her to keep working full time. It was a program specifically for working teachers. Do your research and you may find something similar in your area. I know hers was pretty long- I want to say 3.5 years? I wonder if there are shorter ones where you get your hours in quicker if you're not working full time.

The school she was teaching at during this time was also willing to work with her, so that helped a lot. The counselors agreed to let her get hours with them during her planning times, and the P allowed her to do "counseling tasks" outside of the regular school day/during the summer (i.e. scheduling and such) to get hours and experience. Her program also partnered with various organizations that teachers could get hours from in the summer.

I suppose this probably depends on the area, but have you researched what the job market is like? At one point her rural school had trouble replacing a retired counselor and this made her assume the market was open. She looked all over the state upon graduating and had a VERY difficult time finding a position. Her P allowed her to keep doing "counseling tasks" to keep her resume and skills current, and she finally did get a counseling job for the first time this year. However, she graduated from her program 4 years ago, so it was a LONG road to get there. She lamented several times that she should have gone the psych route (lots of job opportunities) but she was more interested in the counseling side of things.

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