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Alicia G 03-15-2013 12:57 PM

Don't make my glacial mistake!
Thought you all could understand and get a chuckle out of this one.

My kids are creating earth science notebooks this semester. They add to it; I add to it. Sometimes when I don't find on the internet or in a book exactly what I want, I make a one-page sheet for their notebooks.

Today was how glaciers form and move.

My sentence was supposed to say:

The older snow is compacted by the weight of the snow on top of it.

Well, my spell checker didn't catch it because it is a word, but my (not proofread, obviously) sheet said:

The older snow is compacted by the weight of the snot on top of it.

So, sheets are passed out and the kids are putting them in their science notebooks when a sweet little boy said, "Mrs G, looks like you have a typo." I remember spell checking it. What could it be.

I was horrified.

Yes, the file's been changed and everyone will get a new CORRECT one.

The boys (and some girls) enjoyed THAT one.

I guess I can just be thankful it wasn't a bleep-it-out word.

IA11 03-15-2013 01:32 PM

LOL That sounds like something I would do -- but with my luck it would have been a 'bleeping' word!

I bet your kids got a kick out it -- AND -- I'll be they'll remember that particular sentence (hopefully, with the right word inserted!)

Alicia G 03-15-2013 02:22 PM

Well I felt a little better when I told a fellow (math) teacher about it and she said that the newspaper in a previous town she lived in had a big, bold, front-page headline about how many feet of snot was dumped on the city.

At least mine was a handful of kids and not a town. And mine was 11 point font not 72 or whatever.

multigrade 03-15-2013 02:45 PM

How funny! LOL

Tulips 04-02-2013 11:38 AM

We all make mistakes, that wasn't even a biggie, it was a fun one! How nice that your student said it was a "typo." One of my stinkers would have yelled it across the room, "hey you wrote snot instead of snow!" snicker, snicker, snicker...Then 3-5 more students would've told me the same thing, because they're slow like that. I would've just had them take a pen and correct it.

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