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TheGr8Catsby 10-03-2015 06:28 AM

Editor/Admin: New Emails
I'm getting emails about new posts on threads that I start. Is there a way to turn these off? I check PT every day, so they're not really needed. :p. I checked in settings, but I did't see anything about it. I don't want to turn off all emails from PT.

kahluablast 10-03-2015 06:43 AM

I am getting the same thing all of a sudden. In settings there is a place to choose how you respond to new threads/posts/etc and I have mine set to "do not bookmark" but it is marking them anyway and emailing me about it.

I, too, check PT many times a day, so I don't need those type of emails. :p

Editor 10-03-2015 05:55 PM

Optional Email Notification
Hi TheGr8Catsby / kahluablast,

Sorry for the inconvenience/confusion. If you received our 'ProTeacher News‏' email today, the section 'Bookmarking Threads' mentioned this recent change. We think this change might be very helpful for new members and occasional participants who don't visit ProTeacher every day and -as a result- sometimes don't see the great member replies they have received until days after they are posted - too late for the conversation to continue. But, as your message reminds us, we need to be careful about not inconveniencing members who do visit every day and start new topics frequently...

Whenever you start a new thread, see the section 'Select Notification Option' under 'Additional Options'. Change it to 'Bookmark' (or whichever setting you prefer). That will prevent the email from being sent. If you forget to make this change prior to posting, click on the blue bookmark icon at the top of your thread to remove the bookmark including the daily email notification. Click it again to select a different bookmarking option.

Alternatively, simply click the unbookmark link in the first email you receive to unbookmark your thread. We do want more members to know about how easy it is to bookmark and unbookmark threads, as well as the optional email notification, which can be very useful for members who are waiting for a response to their thread(s)..


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