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GusBun 11-10-2015 07:30 AM

So frustrated with my curriculum!
I'm a first year teacher in a small, religious private school (in hindsight, a bad fit considering I'm quite liberal and not especially religious, but I was desperate for a job) and I have to say that this teaching assignment is nothing like what I had planned.

To put things into perspective: The old art teacher at this school was very dearly loved by parents and teachers. Her classes were perfectly silent, and the students did the exact same projects, year after year (with gradually changing expectations). The artwork looked good and won awards, but the students (from everything I have heard from them) were miserable and bored. They were never allowed to paint, cut, glue, or really do anything that wasn't drawing or coloring with markers or crayons.

I'm trying to be more diverse with the curriculum and I don't think the principal is happy. She recently took me into her office to say that while she understands what I'm trying to do, she wants me to use "more classical examples of artwork" in my lessons. In the past, I'd try to bring in contemporary art and short video clips to illustrate ideas. A parent complained, and now I feel like my hands are tied.

I'm frustrated and I'm not enjoying my job. I feel like I'm under constant scrutiny. I don't care if the students' artwork isn't award winning as long as they are enjoying the work and are learning the target skills and concepts. These are students who, as of the 8th grade, still didn't know how to watercolor!

Is there any advice other than "hang in there until you find another job"?

ces 03-03-2016 04:13 PM

Stress process over product
Let your principal and parents know that its important for kids to focus on process, learning skills, showing self expression instead of creating cookie cutter art.

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