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zachteach 05-10-2016 05:41 AM

I am a technology teacher that is looking to project several different computers at different times. For example I have my computer projected and my students are working individually on a project, instead of me pulling all the students to huddle around one of the students for an example I want to switch my projector to their computer and back to mine or another students without any wires. Would a Chromecast be the best bet? Or is there another hardware or software that would suffice?


KeyKid 05-10-2016 06:12 PM

I use RealVNC in my labs. Not only does it allow me to remote access individual workstations (Windows 7) from my desk, I can view a particular workstation, and therefore have it projected. It's free.

tlctimfl 05-30-2016 07:09 PM

Computer Lab Software
There are a handful of programs that allow this to be done. The problem is, they aren't cheap. But I couldn't image not having it. I have 30 computers in my lab and use a program called Net Support School. It allows me to watch students screens from my desk, control all the computers just like i was sitting at them. This program allows me to do exactly what you need. If I want to share a student screen, all I do is select the student's computer and click Display to the entire class. It is then displayed on all their screens. I do this frequently. I also Show my screen to all students even though I also have a projector. These are only 2 of the many features this type of program offers. I'd look into it for next year if I were you.

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