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Youthcantknow 09-06-2019 01:07 PM

I'm Grumpy
I feel so grumpy right now. This was the first week of school and there's been so little communication from our administration. If we ran our classrooms like they run our school, we'd get awful scores on our observations. The worst part is that I'm pretty sure that the admins have absolutely no idea how frustrated their staff is. I can respect that they've got a lot on their plates, but so do we and their lack of awareness/attention to details/communication isn't good for anyone. OK, vent over! Let the weekend begin!

needmyjob 09-06-2019 01:12 PM

You must work at my school! Then yesterday, Thursday, after returning from possible hurricane which was a loss of 2 school days, and a No Labor Day holiday, they did observations...Why do we always have to be set up for failure????

RetiredKat 09-06-2019 02:08 PM

Would it help...
Would it help to consider how much worse it could be if your admin micromanaged everything you do. It would be nice if every admin could strike a balance but as you know, that's not realistic. I do understand how frustrating it can be. I was fortunate enough to only have 1 admin for a few years like that and her a.p. was even worse. That experience just made me appreciate the other principals I worked with even more. It also helped me to remember at times that they may not be perfect but I most certainly am not either. :)

Hopefully things will settle down soon.

Summerwillcom 09-07-2019 03:41 PM

They only think of themselves...
Some are idiots! Some are not! Have a great wkend!<!--boy_waving-->

Youthcantknow 09-08-2019 04:50 AM

needmyjob: That's unbelievable that your administration did observations! It's a sign of rigid thinking - we planned it for this day.....the situation changed.....we planned it for this day. No common sense there at all, and I can't blame you at all for feeling like you've been set up for failure.

RetiredKat: I've been through the micromanager, too, and that wasn't fun, either. The one thing that both situations have in common is that the staff learns to rely heavily on each other because dealing with administration is so difficult. I just wish that administrators held themselves to the same standards that they hold us to!

Summerwillcom: You've nailed it! Respect for our administrators isn't very high right now.

RetiredKat 09-08-2019 08:04 AM

May not be your situation
Something that also helped me was realizing that difficult admin or co-workers came and went. I stayed! :)

Try to hang in there.

QueenBee2011 09-08-2019 02:16 PM

My opinion
Ignore them and enjoy your students. I know that's hard sometimes especially when you need things from admin, but your students are number one.
Hang in there! I hope it gets better.

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