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nickelbackfan 09-05-2015 04:42 AM

RAndom questions
Do you take grades on timed tests?

On anything fluency wise?

Do you read tests to the students? If you do, when do you stop? Midyear?

nickelbackfan 09-05-2015 04:43 AM

I meant...take grades on anything fluency?

slg 09-05-2015 07:26 AM

Fluency questions
Are you talking about math or reading? For reading I do use the data for grades. I will choose two passages towards the last nine weeks of each quarter and to a timed/accuracy count, also taking into consideration each student's comprehension of the passage.
Regarding math fact fluency, I realize I have done about the same thing although I am moving away from the timed test this year. I will try to meet with each student and take note of the strategies used. It is hard to get away from the fast = fluency mentality, but being able to use strategies effectively is more important and shows depth of understanding.

At the beginning of the year I do read the reading tests out loud but I pull back from that quickly, the first quarter. After that, for math and reading tests I will project them and read through the questions before handing it out. For reading, I stop reading them out loud because if a student can read a grade level story, he/she should be able to read the test. I will always assist a student struggling with a word.

loo 09-05-2015 05:39 PM

I do not grade math timed tests. For me, it isn't about the speed a student can add or subtract, but if they are using the strategies I have taught them. I do use end of the trimester reading fluency tests as a grade. I typically read tests to my students until about mid year. Last year though I read the tests almost all year. I had a really low class last year. I had too many students that were low readers. I had too many to pull to a back table to read to them, so I just read to the class. If they were able, they could move on without me.

tweet 09-09-2015 06:21 PM

Timed tests
I do take grades on timed math fact drills. I actually take two grades and average them, then record the average. The first grade is for the problems completed before the timer went off. Then I have them complete the page using a colored pencil, then grade the entire page. Then I average those two grades.

ritabook2 09-13-2015 06:01 AM

random answers
I don't grade anything related to fluency, but use the data to inform my instruction. So, for math we do Rocket Math and they are working on their own individual level. I record the date that they master a level and that shows me if they are stalling out and may need some help or if they are clearly fluent and need to be challenged. For reading, I use it as a tool to see if they are making progress and I graph their WPM on a weekly basis. This year, they will color their own graphs, and I only use this for my intervention students as I don't think I need to be testing the fluency of readers who are already fluent! ;)

I do not read tests in math or reading to students. I always help with words as needed. AR is big in my district and they are very accustomed to reading questions and answers on the computer so I feel they should be able to do the same on a written test. I go over general directions at the beginning. I do clarify sometimes if I think the directions are tricky or a question is worded in a way that could be confusing.

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