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QuoteOctopus 06-19-2019 08:07 AM

Interview for Middle School (from 3rd Grade)
Hello all!

I have an interview coming up in a few days at the middle school I attended in the small town I grew up in. They are looking for an ELA teacher (my original dream) or a Science teacher (which is what I've been teaching in 3rd grade the last 2 years).

It would be quite a jump from 3rd to middle school, but prior to this I jumped from K to 3rd. Any advice for making the switch? Or for confidently speaking to teaching middle school? What should I be prepared for as far as major difference go?

Thanks in advance!

flutetoot 06-21-2019 07:36 AM

1. Don’t take behavior personally.
2. Be aware some middle schoolers have a LOT more on their plates than you know about.
3. Be a real person.
4. Tap into student interests right away.
5. Don’t make yourself an island - work with your colleagues.
6. Remember middle schoolers are neither children nor adults.
7. Have a clear classroom management plan and stick to it.
8. Think about grading and how you’ll communicate expectations with students and parents.
9. Help them see that your class is more than “just a class.”
10. Be prepared for anything.

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