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Lynette12 01-07-2010 01:57 PM

Locked out
The other day I went to a school to find all the doors locked! It was like 3 degrees out! If they want you to sub they should have the door open for you. I usually have to wait until a teacher shows up to open the door. Most schools I work at have open doors but some don't and I usually arrive early so I can look over the plans or make sure the plans are there.

Another time I taught a half day, afternoon Kindergarten class. They had a system where one Kindergarten teacher stays in with any students who need to finish up work and the other teacher takes out all the other kids. I was informed I was taking out the kids, two classes worth by myself. To make matters worse, I had just gotten there, did not know the students names and was told to let them jump in the blow up jumpy thing set up for the evening carnival. Well, I gave my kids about two minutes a piece to jump, then a bunch of older kids wanted to get in from the playground, I had to be miss meany and say no, because I hardly had any time for all the kindergarteners to jump. I thought it was very unfair of the teacher to make me take all the kids out and she stay in with about 5 kids. I was reponsible for all those kids and did not even know if all of them were with me when I went back in due to lots of kids on the playground. If that were to happen again, I would stand up for myself and tell the other teacher I did not feel comfortable taking all those kids out.

wnlbutterfly 01-07-2010 02:25 PM

Sometimes I don't think the teachers think it all the way through. They are just doing things the way they always do it when the other teacher is there. I would have felt uncomfortable with this situation as well.

I also feel uncomfortable dismissing students at grade schools because we are suppose to be making sure the kids go with the right parent. HELLO? Do I have a clue who they go with? No! We had one incident where a K-student decided to ride the day care bus with a friend, thankfully I wasn't subbing that day but I had subbed a LOT for that class.

The teacher should have let you have the study hall with the 5 students.

yoohoo 01-07-2010 03:35 PM

sometimes all it takes is for one bad experience for us to realize what we're comfortable with...I agree with Lynne..the other teacher used you and your ignorance just so she could have a "calm" few minutes....:mad:

I definitely, hate dismissing grade students to parents because who are they to me???!!! Gosh forbid I left the kids decide and they wanted to go with their friends...this has happened to me too where I would walk the kids to an auditorium. There were parents mulling about, but lucky for me they had somebody who knew which kids go with the parents---WHEW!!!!

I had to ask who was in charge of the students because I didn't know the procedure---never bad to ask huh??!!!

Lynette12 01-07-2010 04:41 PM

I agree about dismissing kids is difficult. One note I had said DO NOT DISMISS JOE TO HIS MOM> well, a lady shows up and I have to ask the aide if it is ok to let her take him. She said "oh yeah, that is his Aunt." Like I would know that!

I also had a situation a couple of years ago where I was told to let the parent pick up kids walk to the the door alone to get picked up. I was supposed to take the bussers. When I came back a parent was in the room looking for her daughter. After 10 minutes they found the girl on the play ground!! I can't believe the policy is the have no one watching to make sure she goes to the front door for pickup. These were Kindergarteners, you would think they would have a better system. Like the teacher takes all the children to their dismissal areas to make sure they safe.

dite 08-05-2010 06:08 PM

They should have a back door or something open so early arriving subs can at least get out of the weather. Given a choice, I would take a sub day at another school.

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