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Krissyteacher 05-06-2007 05:16 AM

Human body project
The computer lab teacher wants my kids to do an excel project. It will be on the human body. My kids are in first grade. Does anyone have any ideas?


careerchanger 05-12-2007 11:23 AM

One thing you could do minimally related to the human body is measure each student's height and enter name, feet, and inches in a spreadsheet. Add a column to the right of name to convert the height to inches (or centimeters). Sort by height and create a graph. Have the students line up producing a living graph and take a picture. A possible extension is to trace silhouettes in this height order on 4 foot wide newsprint.

Something that relates to the human body a little better is pulse rate. One reading when sitting quietly (if that's possible) and another right after being fairly active will give 2 values to plot for each student and can be graphed in several different ways. I think you could do individual graphs that showed where the beat occurred over a minute (or less) on average. For example, at 60 beats per minute, values at .1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .6, .7, .8, and .9 would be 0 and the value a 1.0 would be 1, etc. Showing the resting and active heart rates in different colors would compare the rates in a way closer to an EKG.

That last option is a little ambitious, but if you're still with me, how about labeling body parts? I've done something similar with a map. By taking a map outline with a transparent fill, I was able to enter a formula in the appropriate place for each geographic area. I've done it with counties in Florida, but it could use states in the US, countries in South America, etc. The formulae take values from a table in the spreadsheet and display them with the county names. It also takes a title from the table. If I paste data from the 2000 census into the table, a US map would become a US population map. By pasting in the names of official flowers, it would become a state flower map. This could be done with a body "map" labeling parts with numbers or letters within the diagram and having students name the parts (or choose a name from a list) with entries by the letters or numbers to the left and/or right of the diagram. The formulae would cause the same name to appear within the diagram. It could also indicate whether the answer was correct if you wanted to do that.

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