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3monkeys 07-09-2018 09:58 AM

Calendar time? Morning meeting?
Do you include a calendar time or morning meeting in your second grade classroom? If so, would you please outline what you include in it? Thank you!

javamomma 07-09-2018 03:21 PM

I do not do a calendar time and second grade. I have a calendar up and I write the date on the board every morning .

I do incorporate a morning meeting every morning that lasts between five and 10 minutes .

Monday the students get to share the best part of their weekend.
Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the students reach their neighbor by name with either a handshake a pinky shake or a quiet high-five.
On Friday is Newsday the students get to share one thing they just want to tell the class .

Morning meeting even when they are sharing they start off with my name is

Gigi814 07-11-2018 09:47 AM

Calendar Time
My morning calendar time is very short. I pull sticks to have students answer each part. Here is what we do:

- Add the date to the calendar.
- Look at how many days we've been in school. We use 10 frames and base ten blocks.
- Practice telling time. I have a magnetic dry erase Lakeshore clock that I use. I change the time every day.
- Add that day's weather to the weather graph.
- Practice counting coins. This is added in once we have learned about money. I put a few magnetic coins on the piggy bank (DJ Inkers clip art that I printed and laminated) and we count the total.
- If anyone lost a tooth, we fill in the graph.

I would love to buy Mountain Math and incorporate it into my calendar routine, but it's so expensive.

EarthMonkey 07-30-2018 09:47 PM

Yes, I do morning meeting as part of it. I start with the schedule of the day, then I do numbers talk, then I do skip counting till the number of school days we have done (with the kids picking what factor to try to use to reach the number, I do a community building with at the beginning of the year or with new students doing games to get names shared later I do feelings-one kid picks a feeling and the class goes around and the kids say what might make them feel that way (kids can pass if they wish), I then say three or less goals I want the class to work on-later in the year I get the kids to give feedback or ideas for goals. Sometimes the feelings get skipped for relevant concerns and/or questions the kids have as well as issues I want to bring up for the class to work on. It is usually done within 20 minutes.

Hpylife 10-11-2018 07:12 PM

We do daily morning meetings. They last 10min. When students arrive I have a morning question on my dry erase board they write to respond to- we share that during our meeting, my teacher assistant student does a daily “how many days have we been in school “ten frame chart and place value chart, this same student also does a class calendar / day of the week/ weather - this same student takes 1-2 min of our class meeting to announce this to the class.

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