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Marcimcg 07-08-2017 04:55 AM

Anchor chart storage
I'm looking for some ideas for anchor chart storage. I have some basic ones that are used with specific lessons that I don't want out all the time.

Some I just want for myself planning for lessons. Thinking about taking photos after kids and I make so I can have it without the chart itself.

I have some hanging on hooks inside closet door,but I have to move several to get to the chart I need.

More ideas?

Lottalove 07-08-2017 10:57 AM

Can you take the picture and put it in a word doc or Smart Board file tp project on the board as needed? Or even make a SB file with the actual Anchor chart on that?

Does your closet have a hanging clothes rod? You can hang the posters (any posters, not just anchor charts) on those pants hangers and hang up on the closet rod. I've used the super nice wooden ones and the cheap plastic ones with the clips--both work. I've also hung the pants hangers on an unused "pocket chart holder" which it is just like the mobile clothes rack from Walmart...

When I did Daily 5 in the elementary level, I had my laminated anchor charts on my window shades with the 3M double sided tape.

Mmm, well, maybe someone can come up with other ideas. I'll return if I think of more.

crazyeights 07-11-2017 07:42 AM

I moved to a very small classroom
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and I was short on space. I saw an idea of taking a tall plastic trashcan (mine is black) and I decorated with some stickers. I roll up the charts and put them in the can and I use a post-it to label the outside. Here is a picture of it in the corner of my classroom before I decorated it: (but forgive me if I have forgotten how to upload photos)!

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