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Violet4 04-12-2019 04:26 AM

I strongly dislike interviews
I'm curious to know if anyone else would like to commiserate with me and share why they don't like interviews? Just so I know it's not just me :D

GreyhoundGirl 04-12-2019 04:47 AM

I hate them. I donít interview well, I come off too strong (because I am), I read the committee wrong and I never get the job.

Heck, right now I canít even get an interview. Iím lik 0 for 3,000,000,000. :mad:

kahluablast 04-12-2019 04:52 AM

I don't like them either! I can start answering a question, and a few minutes later I am trying to remember what the question is and why I am talking about something totally unrelated! I especially hate to interview with people I know very well!

Good luck on yours.

Paddlegurl 04-12-2019 05:04 AM

I despise them! And I've had to do at least 6-8 every year the last 3 or 4 years.

The way they do interviews here is very formulaic - it's based on points or a rubric or something. So there's very little conversation - just me trying to hit as many of the key points as possible while the interviewers frantically take notes. And while they make a big show of it all being based on points for your experience and your interview - they still hire whoever has an in anyway.

We are about to enter hiring season here and I can already feel my mental health suffering. Getting a contract here is a long and complicated process...and I have had rotten luck at every turn. I'm 9 years in and am subbing at the moment with no clue if I'll have a job in the fall.

anna 04-12-2019 06:20 AM

I hate interviews because most of the time it's a fake set up and admin is just going through the motions to follow rules. Then they lie at the end making you think you'll get a call yay or nay. No call is done. The admin puts in someone they know.

twinmom95 04-13-2019 06:40 AM

Does anyone actually enjoy them?? I can't even imagine, haha ;)

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