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Alissa 11-10-2005 01:21 PM

What do you do with artwork that is not done?
Im looking for ideas on what to do when a few students don't finish their artwork and it's time for a new lesson. There are always a few students who don't finish an artwork or students who finish fast. What do you do?

Bev 11-10-2005 02:52 PM

unfinished art
Like math or spelling unfinished art work, just became homework. If it requires materials from school, tell them to stay in for recess or afterschool.

brigita 11-10-2005 07:07 PM

display it anyway
If most of the kids finished the work, then I display everyone's art work whether it is finished or not. That usually motivates them to work a bit faster next time.

DJ/SC 11-11-2005 04:56 PM

For Fast Phils...
I plan a task that I don't have to teach for early finishers. Something they can do independently with few supplies. That way, I can be attentive in "cheering on" my slower workers.
(You could even set up center that is specifically for that.)

Bertie 11-14-2005 09:10 AM

assist others
I usually ask the fast finishers to clean up then see if there is someone they can help. In first grade the slow/poor cutters can use a hand. When most are done I usually settle everyone with a story. If work is still unfinished I'll give them the choice to display like that or stay in for recess to finish.

arteacher34 11-16-2005 01:35 PM

Hi Alissa, I sometimes let students use Fridays as "Fun Free Friday" in which they are allowed to sketch either using our drawing books or on their own. During this time if there are any students in that class that have unfinished projects they have to finish those first. During a months time I usually see all classes 1 Friday. Anytime there is extra time, I always check their classes folders for unfinished work and give them that time also. Hope this helps.

Debbie T 12-06-2005 06:57 AM

I usually tell those that finish first....their is always something else they can do to make it better...Elementary students tend to want to say they are done for the stake to be done....I prefer slower take their time to really think about what they are doing....if they continue to say they are done...they help clean up..and sit quietly for others ..if you present another project right away...they want to rush just to move on...

Jenny 01-25-2006 06:21 PM

art work
I have a fun time in my classroom on friday. it is something that is really fun for the kids to do (sneaky teacher fun - where they still learn something). the kids want to join in, but they can only take part if they have done all their work for the week. it works well, because the same kids are not always the ones who miss out. usually if a child misses out this week, then next week he will make sure he does not miss out. I am like the previous poster with my early finishers. i send them back to evaluate their own work, there is usually something that they need to add. I also stop my class every now and then so that everyone can take 2 minutes to wander around and look at other people's art. that is really effective because they notice all the things that they have left out.

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