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eeza 10-19-2015 03:11 PM

support for support staff
Hi there!! I was wondering if you, as support staff, feel supported by your admin?

I had a BIG meeting with our superintendent and other admin about a recent 5150 we had to do. It could have been very accusatory and fingers could have been pointed, but it was very civil and professional. I must say that I work with some great admin who work WITH me. We not only reflected on the incident, but talked about ways to improve next time. Very productive and helpful.

I hope it's this way in most districts!

GraceKrispy 10-19-2015 06:12 PM

I loved most of the school admin I worked with- they were also very supportive of me and worked with me. Since I worked so many different schools, some admin was a little less supportive. At the district level, however, there was much less support. We had confusing and nonsensical directives passed down from a sped director whose first priority did not appear to be to follow sped law (or care for the students).

So I guess I'd say I had a good and bad experience!

eeza 10-19-2015 07:09 PM

support for support staff
I know that no district is perfect, so I'm glad that you have at least had some good experiences.

The only thing I don't like about the district office admin is that they are so cautious when it comes to the legal stuff. It's not their fault that everyone is so litigious, but it does get bothersome when a student shouldn't be assessed but I'm told to assess anyway because of the litigious nature of this state.

cardnialteach 10-20-2015 04:28 PM

I have very supportive administration from my superintendent and both principals. I work with students in grades K-8th grade. My K-5 principal has been my principal since I first started in education. He is the one that asked me to consider the school counselor position, not that he was trying to get me out of the classroom. He asks and listens to my opinions, even if he doesn't always agree with what I have to say, and does not hold any hard feelings about it either. He knows if he doesn't want to hear the truth in my opinion he better not ask. My superintendent is the same way. I am comfortable enough to go in and tell him exactly what I am feeling and thinking. We are in the process of changing a few things due to new state ideals and he is coming to me for suggestions and support. Now, my Middle School experience has been very different. When I started we were in turmoil time in the school. The principal was fired and basically we were on the beginning of a big budget downfall, due to the state legislatures not our district. Our super "played" principal for three years. We then had a former PE teacher who got his admin degree stepped up. I taught with this guy for several years and when he went back to school even said out loud to a co teacher, "I would hate for him to be my administrator." He didn't have a clue and in my opinion was using this job as a stepping stone in his career. He would try to bully confidential information from me and would often make deals to parents about situations. He didn't last long and moved on. Last year our High School principal got demoted to Middle School. He flat told us he didn't want to be there. It was a rough year and he too would make deals with parents. This year we have yet another new principal, my 4th in seven years. I think he is here to stay and will be good once he can shed a few other titles from his resume. He will ask my opinion and really tries to do right by our students. So far things are great, but we are only 1/4 way through the year. Time will tell.

eeza 10-20-2015 06:48 PM

support for support staff
Cardinalteach, it sounds like you've had a rough couple of years, but this year looks hopeful. I bet that's a relief.

I find it very interesting how experiences can be so different. I feel blessed that I have been under good admin for most of my career. The one good thing is that bad admin tend to come and go quickly. I just figure I can outlast them! :D

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