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cardnialteach 10-28-2015 07:21 PM

Tomorrow will be interesting
Last week we had a teacher show a very controversial film in class. I as a parent did not understand the purpose behind the film in this particular class. I kept asking my son how it tied to what he was learning. Needless to say the teacher is in big trouble and is currently gone this week. I have been away at a three day conference and received an email today from my superintendent. He wants me to go into the classes and address the feelings of these students in regards to the film. According to the super and our principal the parents are becoming more vocal and a few students are still very upset. We are a small rural school with little diversity of any kind. Our community has a very strong Catholic base and this film bashed several of its principles in one scene. I have a 7:00 am meeting with our superintendent I. Order to figure out where to go from here and my principal has a list of students he would like me to see individually as well. I can see my day being very busy. Wish me luck!

eeza 10-28-2015 07:34 PM

video aftermath
Oh, my goodness, it sure sounds like tomorrow will be a tad hectic! How did the principal get the names of the individual students he wants you to see? Did the parents say their child was really affected by the video?

GraceKrispy 10-29-2015 07:33 PM

I didn't get the chance to respond yesterday, but I'm so curious-- how did it go???? I hope it went smoothly!

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