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GraceKrispy 11-22-2015 08:08 PM

What do social skills groups look like in your school?
I'm curious how schools are handling social skills groups (when, how, curriculum) and what types of kids are in the groups (ASD, ADHD, EBD, typical kids, etc) and who runs the groups (counselor, s. psych, teacher). There isn't a ton of research backing social skills groups in general, but there are some studies that support very specific types of social skills groups. So I'm curious what it looks like at your school!

eeza 11-22-2015 08:39 PM

social skills groups
Great question! I am at the secondary level and the mod-severe SDC class and the counseling-and-socially-enriched class do social skills within the classroom. I do pull a group from the counseling-and-socially-enriched class once a week to do social skills since their need is so great. All of the other classrooms, gen ed or SPED, don't really do social skills. We have other group counseling offered to all students through our counseling center but not for social skills specifically.

Last year my SLP and I offered social skills for ASD students for one semester who aren't in the two programs I mentioned above. We plan on doing it again this year. We just take the ASD weaknesses and plan lessons around them. We know that it's hard to work on social skills when they are not in a self-contained room.

At the elemetnary level, I feel that social skills can be done in the classroom since the kids are in a self-contained room. A social skills lessons plan is just a basic 5 step lesson plan that any teacher who has been through a credential program knows about. The only difference is the objective is a social skill rather than an academic skill. I taught social skills when I did elementary school.

cardnialteach 11-23-2015 12:30 PM

Elementary and Middle School
I do teach social skills with my weekly classroom visits in K-5 classrooms. I do not feel that this is something that should fall solely on any school counselor. I think my lessons should be springboards to classroom follow through during the week. In the Middle School, I don't get to see classes as a whole unless we are working on Individual Learning Plans, 5 year plans, with our 8th graders. I use to see my 6th graders but the teacher is not very easy to work with and doesn't give up much time for me to see them. I also don't do many small groups because teachers don't like to let students out of class for groups. I do have a few students I see individually because behaviors have gotten so out of control in the room, they are now wanting help. I think a little more proactive attention would be more beneficial instead of reactive.

I do think that in the very near future, both buildings I work in will be realigning and will create core values for our building and character education and social skills will be built into what they must cover so many times a week. This will become like any other special like PE or Music. Just my thought based on things that have happened this year, new SECD standards our state adopted, and a new vision from our Commissioner of Education.

GraceKrispy 11-24-2015 07:54 PM

What great responses from both of you! I love the idea of doing a social skills group with any SLP. We never managed that. As a psych, I had 5-7 (big) schools on my caseload (one was an elementary school of 1100 by itself!) and I couldn't commit to regular group session :( As a counselor, I did some social skills groups for kids with behavioral and attention issues. We didn't have any ASD kids there except my own kid :p It wasn't all the effective since it was during the lunch time I had mentioned in another post.

I totally agree that social skills are best taught in context, and it makes sense to extend the lessons in the child's classroom with the teacher. A focus on social connections and interactions is a good foundation for learning skills in general, I think, and learning to get along with people.

nenna817 12-23-2015 05:02 AM

Social Skills
This is exactly what I have been looking for. I switched positions this past year and now teach middle social skills to students with ASD, ED, and LD. My students are all high functioning and many of them don't want to be in the class because they are missing other cycle classes. My class is a cycle period so rather than going to a an art or gym or other cycle, they come see me.

static19902 02-12-2016 01:49 PM

We have a school wide character ed program that address being kind, respect... The building has brought in 3 character ed assemblies involving Team dawg, resse Spect , and the local police department. We have also just started implementing second step, anyone have experience with this program? We have a school psy who run counseling groups for students who have that service on their IEP but that is all. We were trying to do a social skills morning club but we were not able to due to funding. I teach the life skills class and there is a EBD class in our building as well, and we actively pursue cooperation to do buddy systems but it is hard the "general ed" teacher do not have time to allow their students to spend with my students.

cardnialteach 02-23-2016 11:21 AM

Students who are on an IEP and have a need for more social skill learning see our school Social Worker who is part of the Special Ed Coop our district belongs to. I do not work with any of those students individually or in groups beyond my classroom visits. Once I co-facilitated a group with her and we share resources, but not often.

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