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cardnialteach 12-18-2015 05:34 PM

Update on my school situation
I had posted that I was feeling I was not in the right position to do enough for the students in my schools. I sent my superintendent an email requesting a meeting to discuss my current position. That same morning I sent my email the principals from all buildings go and meet with the super. Both my elementary and middle school principals came over early and my S mentioned he had a meeting later in the day with me about my job. He expressed they were all a little worried about what was going on.

I explained I didn't feel I was doing enough in my current position. Our new Commissioner of Education is really stressing the teaching of "soft skills" and SECD with our students. I can't do this alone and I can't be the only one to do this. I also would love to work with more students individually or with groups but get a lot of resistance from teachers until the situation is way out of control. I think our Middle School situation with students could have been better if I would have had more presents in the Middle School and have the ability to build relationships with our students instead of coming in trying to "clean up" situations. I know there is going to be an opening in our district next fall and simply posed that "if I was in the classroom, I would feel I am doing all I can for at least a small group." I also told him I needed the more advance training with the WhyTry program in order to use it more effectively when I do get to see my students. I love this program. I am not that good at using it yet but I am trying and am looking forward to learning more. I told him most of the time I am dealing with testing and that is not what I my job to be, I am here for students not to adminster or supervise testing.

Outcome of this conversation: He asked me to please stay in my current position for at least 2 more years. Things are changing with assessments and social skills and it is believed the state will give us a curriculum to teach in our schools addressing SECD and "soft skills". Teachers will be required to teach from this curriculum once a week. This would allow for follow up and support for what I am doing anyway. He agreed to me getting more training right away and not wait. The closest site is over 6 1/2 drive, it wasn't even guarenteed to happen. The other one was in Tennessee and I live in Kansas. He told me not to let that stop me and to look into flights or whatever I need to do. He told me he believes in me and knew that when he asked me 7 years ago to take this position he was asking the right person. I really trust and like my superintendent. I can go in and tell him exactly what I think or feel and he will do the same to me, we are pretty blunt and straightforward and honest with each other.

I am signed up for Level 2 training to happen in January and will continue to do what I can in the classrooms and with the few students I do work with. I also told him I will give it 2 years and he said he would talk to principals about easing my testing responsibilities. I felt better once I left the meeting. We are now on Christmas Break. I am hoping to get re-engerized so I can make sure I am giving my all to my students because that is what they deserve. We will see how the second semester goes.

Thank you for listening and offering suggestions and support.

eeza 12-18-2015 08:52 PM

superintendent meeting
I think it's great that the meeting went so well. You both were upfront and honest about the situation.

I'm so glad that you are getting training for the WhyTry program since it's something you feel so passionate about. It's nice having a boss that actually treats you like a professional and gives you what you need to be successful in your job!

I know you said you'd stick it out for 2 year. How are you feeling about that?

GraceKrispy 12-19-2015 07:44 PM

Good for you for being clear with what you needed/wanted to be able to continue. And good for the super for being supportive and to the admin for caring about you and wanting to keep you happier!

I hope the second semester gives you some new hope with regards to the direction of the program. At your January training, maybe you will get the chance to ask about your situation and how to best fit this program in with what you have to work with/deal with.

I wish you had the support around you to "be all that you can be" as a counselor. Maybe your school/district will get there.

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