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ACRteach 09-30-2012 03:37 PM

Reader's Workshop Share
I would love to hear what share time after RW looks like in your classroom. Do you pick the kids to share based on Guided Reading/conferences? Do you leave it up to the kids to see who wants to share? Do you have kids share who used a certain mini lesson skill or strategy? Is it more of a "share something you enjoyed reading about" thing?

I would like this time to be routine, but not stale or inauthentic. Any ideas?

ginadoo 10-04-2012 08:20 PM

I teach first and jumped in with share last year. The procedure was they had to come to the meeting area with a book that had a sticky. They had to tell the title and the strategy they were focusing on. At first it was hard to get kids to share. 2 or 3 or three would come with a book. I kept track of who shared and what they shared (i.e. expanding vocabulary- words that couldn't be read or weren't understood, a question, something they learned - in non-fiction, a place where they made a connection or a picture, etc.) and told them who I wanted to hear from tomorrow. Soon lots and lots of kids came to share and we shared with partners before allowing a few to share with the group. I've just started sharing this year. The kids are bringing books with a sticky where they stopped to check for understanding and telling the class who and what is happening at that page. Other strategies will be shared as I teach mini lessons and suggest tips for stickies. I will keep track again so I can keep it fair.

Munchkins 10-05-2012 01:20 AM

sometimes they share from their tables
My group has trouble with transitions, and getting them to the rug to share is time consuming. So, what I usually do is have them partner share as I listen in, and then I do a Teacher Share of a good example of the mini-lesson teaching point while they are still at the tables. What I prefer to do is quickly bring them back to the rug, and let the 2 who share sit on a chair and model while I "narrate."

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