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mollygirl 07-16-2011 02:50 PM

Differentiating kindergarten centers

I'm interested in how teachers differentiate literacy centers in kindergarten. I'd love to hear your great ideas.

Thanks in advance.


MissSarah8884 09-09-2011 03:40 AM

I find it easiest to with open ended type activities.

For example, if the center is journal writing, they can work at their level and when they get it checked, you check it based on where they are, either working on punctuation and finger spaces or just beginning sounds, whatever they need.
Another easy example is with responding to listening center books - response can be in picture form, labels, or sentences depending on their level.
Having versatile manipulatives is also helpful, one student can use letter cards/tiles to be working on letter names and sounds and another can use them to build sight words or nonsense words to sound out.
If you have mixed ability groups, then use those higher kids to help be a tutor and teaching the lower ones - it can be a partner activity where they each are the "teacher" but each time the higher student is either going to answer their coach correctly, or coach their student to the right answer.
If groups are same ability - then you can cater small group games based on ability - example it's the phonics center, but the worksheets are different or lower groups receive more help.

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