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teach53394 08-22-2014 10:08 AM

What is best for middle school students?
What classroom management is best in a resource room classroom? Should the consequences be the same as the regular classroom?

Miss_Spider 08-23-2014 06:36 PM

I would suggest looking at your school's universal management policy. In short, yes, the rules should be consistent with what is happening in other classes. But, just like with all classes, there are some things you may tolerate that another teacher wouldn't and vice versa. At my school we have a core set of values that we all share, but we talk about what it looks like in different settings. What may be okay during PE is not necessarily the same in English or in SpEd English, for example. As far as consequences go, I would consider what are typical consequences in any classroom in your school and then think about what you are willing and able to enforce consistently. No sense in worrying about school rules if you're not comfortable enforcing them.

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