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Catielissy 01-15-2015 07:30 AM

not making progress with spelling
Hi everyone!
I have two students who are not making progress with their spelling skills. Currently they are using words their way in my room to practice spelling. I also do a lot of phonics work with them. They are reading, but not applying their phonics skills into their writing. Anyone have any suggestions on programs to use (resources to buy, etc.)? In the past I used explode the code with a few kids but no longer have those materials. Any suggestions would be helpful.

picturetaker 02-08-2015 05:09 AM

Spelling ideas
I have used Orton Gillingham and Recipe for Reading. I go really slow and follow the sequence in the book. I make hands on materials to go with the concept I am teaching. If they are dyslexic you could try Reading from Scratch--it's not that expensive. It works best one on one with a child who has a high IQ (I have done it before with low-low average--but the rate of learning is different). Look at their mistakes and see if you can find what they are doing in their head. Good luck.

Munchkins 02-08-2015 06:48 AM

I use different materials with my word study groups. One thing that helps them transfer the pattern is building the words with magnetic letters. Then I have them use the pattern to build other words that fit the pattern but aren't on their sort. They have to use what they know to build the new word.

You could do the same with letter cards, if you don't have magnetic letters.

Tounces 03-18-2015 08:58 AM

Making Words there are different levels. Have a word wall and use those activities too. Do you have them do a rough draft then edit/follow the writing process?

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