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MissB14 10-21-2015 03:50 AM

I have a fifth grade student who is reading on a beginning of first grade level. I have done a few diagnostic tests with her but I am having trouble coming up with ideas of what to do with her. She has decent comprehension but her phonics and fluency are not good. However, the mistakes she makes are not typical. She will substitute words that do not create meaning and do not even look like the word she is reading. For example, she substituted the word self for the word tell. She adds endings to words, leaves off endings, and inserts words. I have had her build the words that she reads incorrectly but she is able to build them correctly. She can't always read them after she has built them though. I am at a loss as to what to do with her. Does anyone have any suggestions??

teacher333 10-25-2015 12:59 PM

Reading Spec
Do you have a reading specialist in your bldg. or district who can work with the student, or at least offer materials? It sounds as if the student can use some basic phonics instruction, or even eval for Basic Skills or Spec Serv. There are some multisensory reading programs such as Explode the Code or Wilson or Just Words.

Tommytwo 10-27-2015 01:25 PM

By this age they sometimes guess at words or if she is comprehending will add words that still make sense in the sentence. I have a jr high student reading at 3rd grade level that does this and I make him reread it until he gets it correct, especially if I know he knows the word. I also am using a program our district purchased this year called Mindplay. It is great for interventions.

readerabbit 10-29-2015 07:40 PM

RTI program
Do you have a RTI program? Was this student at your school previous years or is this the first year at your school? What district assesments are required in first - third grade /such as DIBELS, etc. Have you ever done a running record on her? If so use text from a previous grade or lower. If you have A. R. what is her STAR test score? Do you have a SBLC committee that meets that goes over students educational struggles ? I hope this gives you some guidance. You can always PM me if you like. I was a Reading Specialist for 20 years. The key is getting the begining info so that a plan of action can be started. Good Luck<!--candycorn--><!--girl1-->

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