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Robin B 07-26-2016 06:44 PM

Teaching technology with ipads
I have been moved to a class set of iPads with Bluetooth keyboards to teach technology for k-5

I'm looking for apps to teach computer skills, such as typing, presentations, basic computer skills etc

Any help is appreciated

iteachk2010 07-26-2016 10:16 PM

I have not used it but a presenter at a recent training mentioned Keyboarding Without Tears (same company that does Handwriting Without Tears) I checked out the website. It seemed pricey per student, but maybe you can get a special discount price for student licenses since it sounds like you are doing the whole school. (The program might be K-2 or K-3). The iPad app is free, but you need the licenses for the students to use it.

You might try coding apps. There are a lot out there. For kindergarten, one app is Scratch, Jr. It is free. Scratch is the version for older students.

This coming year my district is going all Google so I have been trying to learn as much as I can about Google Apps and Google Classroom this summer. We have 8 iPads-no chrome books in our classrooms. :-( I think Google Slides is similar to PPT. I downloaded the iPad app for Google Slides. The iPad app doesn't seem to have all the functionality as when I used Google Slides (Chrome browser) on my personal laptop. I am going to need to play with it some more. We are a GAFE school so all our students have gmail accounts (our little ones haven't used them.) If you are a GAFE school, you might be able to use Google Slides for a presentation tool. I think you could teach them how to take a photo and insert it into a slide to use. Since typing might be an issue at the beginning of the year with kindergarten, they could even draw/write something on paper and take a photo of it to insert it into the slide.

Check out Christine Pinto and follow #GAFE4Littles on Twitter. She started using Google with her TK students in March. She has created templates on her site that you can use. This year she is going to be teaching kindergarten so I am following her to see what she does.

For kindergarten students, typing in usernames and passwords can take time. I made log in cards for my students for several of the sites my students had to log into. Be patient. It takes time. Check out how Christine handled logging in with her TK students.

Another person to check out is Alice Keeler. Her site is Teacher Tech She has all kinds of information and templates for Google Apps. She has published two books on using Google in the classroom. I just purchased them. I bookmarked her site and follow her on Twitter. I tweeted a question to her and got a response back quickly.

Good luck!

CoachAshley 08-01-2016 03:23 PM

I can't imagine
I teach tech prek-5 and an ID class. I would even have a hard time thinking about doing something like this, but I suppose you should just go with it and "pilot" this method for the rest of us.

I use typing club at the rate o about $1 per student and only use it or grades 4 & 5. They can also do it at home.

I have several websites you might like to see if any of them work on iPad. You might consider making your own bookmark list like I did on portaportal and another for non readers on symbaloo.

I feel for you as I am in a county without money. We put in a lot of personal money and try for many grants through donorschoose.

I would be happy to keep up with you this year and I really want to know if you come up with a list of sites that work well for the year,<!--apple-->

PBnJ 08-06-2016 07:04 AM

I'm setting my room up to be a 1:1 iPad classroom (I only need 4 more iPads). One of my goals is to start teaching typing to my 3rd and 4th graders with wireless keyboards. We do our state testing on iPads and keyboarding will be a requirement now.

These are the Apps I have wish listed. I can't tell you if they are great or not (yet). My plan is to pick one or two and give them a try:

Type Defender - $1.99
Typing Class for iPad - $4.99

I know there are online games and resources as well. Our network is really wonky sometimes. I won't be focusing on web based typing sites until we get new line pulled (hopefully by November).


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