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teacher0729 08-06-2017 03:12 PM

Selling google docs/ forms on TPT?
I just recently have thought about posting products for sale on teachers pay teachers. Many of the things I have already made are on Google Docs/ Forms. Is there a way for me to sell these? I think I read I can't upload a font to Google Docs/ Forma so am I not allowed to sell because the font isn't for commercial use? How would I post if it's not a PDF and I want it to be editable?

PBnJ 09-02-2017 08:45 AM

You can sell Google Docs/Forms. When you click on the "share" button, you will copy the link and then edit the end so it forces someone to copy the shared document instead of having permission to edit your files.
Example Link:

delete the part after the last forward slash /
the new link will look like this:

After you have edited the link, you can make a quick PDF with directions on how to use (and get access) to the document and then insert the link into the PDF. This is the part you upload to TPT. Your buyer will click on the link, Google will prompt them to make a copy of the file in their own drive, and then they can use/edit as they need to.

Your images/clipart and any fonts that you have commercial licenses for need to be "flattened". You do this by making all the slides/docs that you don't want to be movable. Then you export those pages/slides as a JPG and reinsert them into the files/slides as the background image. Then add the editable text boxes, movable parts, etc.

Hope that helps!


teacher0729 08-16-2019 03:34 PM

I know this is over a year later! Lol... Thanks so much! But I don't have a font that I bought. Can I sell products that are just made with Arial, Times New Roman, Comic Sans etc. fonts that Google offers? Or would I get in trouble from Google for selling?

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