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twin2 01-06-2019 12:09 PM

Finding info for portfolio
I am working as a Title I tutor, pulling reading and math groups. I haven't had my own classroom before, other than a long term sub, so I don't have much experience for my portfolio or to otherwise reference at job interviews. I am hoping to use this tutor position experience to move forward.

The issue is I only work four half days per week, and only see students for fifteen minutes each group per day. I am not responsible for data. I teach the lessons that are given to me, then assess at the end of a fifteen or thirty day cycle, and the assessments are immediately turned over to the classroom teacher, but even then other than pass or fail (for the most part everyone passes) there really isn't any data to take. I don't ever see the data that lands them in my groups to begin with.

Another issue is while I have to manage my groups so that I can have their attention to teach as much of that fifteen minutes I have them, I really only get fifteen minutes per group to deal with issues. For example, Friday i went to a classroom to pull my group. Two students would not come to group promptly, so I called those students again. One was on his Chromebook and didn't want to get off, and the second was mad about something that happened before I walked into the room. The student on the Chromebook came to group with my second request, but the upset student looked at me and said "no". While I don't think any child should get away with that, scolding him was not the answer and I didn't want to waste what was left of our fifteen minutes to deal with him, so I started group without him. Also, I have no idea what he was upset about, so I figured it was his teachers mess to deal with, not mine. I mean that respectfully-- it's her classroom, I am a guest.

There have been similar incidents with those two students before. I pulled both of them out of the room to assess them (separately) and spoke to them briefly about their behavior. One has chronic behavior issues in school, and group is just another boring part of his day). The other doesn't even belong in my group. The reading is very easy for him, and his sight word knowledge is better than others in his group. I was told his behavior caused him to do poorly on the assessment but once his behavior improves, he will fly through these groups.

I have started journaling the behavior issues and my responses. I do not always ignore the issues, but I have not found what works with these two. In another group, I simply up the pace and keep things moving and the students fall in. My other groups usually go as they should. I am hoping by journaling, I will see things and and take steps to help these kids. Also I might be able to come up with something meaningful for an interview or portfolio.

I am not even sure what if anything can be used to say I've gained some experience. I need a job and last year was told it was my lack of experience in the classroom that cost me a job.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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