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iteachk2010 07-19-2019 07:40 AM

Google Slides Help Needed
I hope that I can describe what I need.

I want to create a template in Google Slides for some sight word activities. We have sight word lists-each list has 5 words. I want to create a set of slides-one slide for each different activity. i.e. Roll and Read, Roll and Write, Sight Word Search, a sight word board game... I would have locked backgrounds on each slide. Then add text boxes on top.

Is there a way for me to type a word in a text box on Slide 1 to have it populate to text boxes in the other slides of the same presentation? Would I be able to do it with five different words?

If I can accomplish this, it would save me so much time. I would just type in the five words and those words populate to the other slides.

iteachk2010 07-19-2019 09:05 AM

I Figured It Out-Here's How I Did It
It was easier than I thought it would be so I thought I'd share.

1. Open a new Google Slideshow.
2. To create my template, I wanted each slide to have a different activity. For example, one slide could be Roll and Write. The next slide could be Sight Word Search. You get the idea. (I wanted the background to be locked. So, after I created the slide, I clicked on File and downloaded the slide as a JPEG. I saved it in Pictures. Then deleted everything on the original slide.I selected the picture for the background.) You don't have to lock the background. I do it when I share the template and it has clip art on it.

3. Next, add text boxes to each slide. Our sight word lists have five words so I used generic text in the text box like Word 1. The next text box Word 2... The number of each text box needed on each slide will depend on the activity. i.e. Roll and Write needs only one of each, but the Sight Word Search would need multiple of each text box. Place the text boxes where you want them on each slide.

Now, you ready to replace the text.
4. Return to Slide 1. Press CTRL F.

5. A box appears. Type in the exact word that you want to replace. i.e. Word 1.

6. Click on the three dots you see in that box for more options.

7. Find and Replace-Type the new word in Replace with:_________. i.e. Replace with: like

8. Select Replace All. The word like will replace Word 1 in all the slides.
9. Repeat for process for each word that you want to replace.

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