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jcm 09-14-2019 04:18 PM

Organizing k teaching materials-help!
I got rid of my desk last year and replaced it with a multi-purpose table that I use for my work area and also to meet with small groups. I am trying to be efficient with keeping materials at hand for my groups and general hands-on materials to use for intervention work. I tend to get overwhelmed with materials for whole-class instruction, then upcoming lessons, as well as keeping small group materials organized and easy to get to. If you have any pointers or great organizing tips I would love them! Also, if you know of a great website with ideas for organizing teacher "stuff"/teaching supplies, please share! Thanks!

anna 09-14-2019 04:39 PM

I had a table that was placed next to to a long counter and shelves underneath. A rolling cart with 3 bins held my supplies. Three plastic file folder bins held each trimester's worth of activities. These bins were lined up on the counter behind my table.

ICrazyTeach 09-14-2019 06:45 PM

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I have a cart like this next to my small group table. I have a drawer for each group and store other materials for groups (white boards, etc) in other drawers. I have a basket on top with pens, post-its, etc. On top of the cart.

iteachk2010 09-15-2019 05:14 AM

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I got rid of my teacher desk years ago because I needed the space. Like PP, I have the multi-drawer cart behind me. I also have the short three drawer cart on the side of me.

My one cart has 10 drawers on left and 5 drawers on the right. The top five drawers on the left are designated by day. Each of those drawers has a daily file folder with any papers needed for that specific day, books to read... and smaller materials needed for that day's lessons. The bottom five drawers on the left hold supplies: 1. game supplies-playing pieces/spinners/dice/counters/plastic sheet protectors, 2. markers-permanent, watercolor, vis a vis and colored dry erase/crayons/highlighters, 3. glue/scotch tape/clear packing tape/paper clips/rubberbands/magnetic tape, 4. stickers/certificates/ribbons/ punch cards/stamps/small prizes, and 5. tools-hammer, screwdrivers, safety pins/batteries/rubber gloves. The five deep drawers on the right side hold the bigger materials by subject-math, reading, writing, intervention, and science/social studies. There is room on the top for a dish pan that holds the various manipulatives I use with small groups and a file organizer that holds different forms.

I store my decodable books and leveled readers in the three drawer cart. I have a caddy with scissors, pens/pencils, post-it notes and a small basket with dry erase markers and erasers on top of that.

The student chairs at my small group table have chair pockets where we store dry erase boards.

I hope this helps.

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