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nlovetexas 07-23-2016 03:33 PM

Math Pals
Would anyone be interested in being Math Pals with my class this coming school year? I teach 4th grade and I team teach with another teacher. I teach Math, Science and Social Studies. I have done Math Pals with my class before and they LOVE it. What you do is we exchange our class list of students and then you match up your class with my students. Then the students write to each other. Usually the first time the students tell about themselves, where they live, family, things like that. after that the students get to know each other and then the students can exchange Math problems with each other. I will have 2 classes this year with about 20-22 students per class. I would like to find someone who would like to do this and also have 2 classes. Let me know if anyone is interested. Oh I am in Fort Worth, Texas, so I would like to have my class write to another class that is away from Texas. That way my students can get an idea of what other kids do in their city. Would be nice to get a class that is not a larger city. Our school starts August 22nd. We could begin after Labor Day. Let me know if you are interested and then we can go from there. Thank you.

Megteach 07-24-2016 11:38 AM

Math Pals
I would love to do this with you. I teach grade 3 and 4 Math, SS, and Sci. My 4th grade class size is only 12 students at this time. Sometimes in August we have families move into the district, so it may go up. (Maybe you could take advantage of more than one class?? I'm hoping that wouldn't increase the workload for you.)

I am in a small, rural community in southern New Jersey--Dorothy. We are located about 30 miles west of Atlantic City. Our area has been affected with the closing of some of the casinos in town. We have been experiencing a decrease in student population over the course of the past few years. There is only one class of each grade--PreK to 8. We begin school September 6th.

I understand if my class doesn't meet your expectations. Enjoy the remainder of your summer before you return. <!--watermelon-->

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