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SaraFirst 07-15-2016 04:20 AM

Go Math
If you use Go Math, what do you grade besides the chapter test? Do you do little quizzes throughout each chapter?

42inFirst 07-15-2016 06:19 AM

Same question
We are also starting Go Math this year and I have the same question!

Racetchr 07-15-2016 07:12 AM

Assessment for Go Math
I have been using Go Math for two years now. I use the mid chapter check as a quiz and to see which students are struggling and may need to be pulled into small groups. I also use the final lesson of each chapter as a check to know which students are ready for the chapter test prior to giving it. This also tells me which students need to be pulled for review before testing and gives me a grade for class work.

SaraFirst 07-15-2016 08:52 AM

Thanks for replying! I just checked out the mid chapter check for chapter 1.

booklady57 07-15-2016 10:52 AM

We are moving away from using
Go Math as our only instructional source, but we have used the review lesson in the homework/practice book as a grade before. The mid-chapter checks are usually very brief, and if we used them we usually added questions from a nearby lesson page to make it a fair grade. Giving a grade on only three or four questions doesn't work for us.

SaraFirst 07-15-2016 12:19 PM

Thanks book lady! I was thinking we would need to add more questions too!

ATeacherMama 07-21-2016 04:25 AM

Go Math
We also use Go Math. I usually pull one homework sheet per chapter for a grade along with the mid-chapter and chapter tests. There are mid-chapter and chapter reviews in a student workbook you will receive in addition to the consumable textbook. These are the sheets we use for homework, however I usually pull the mid-chapter sheet and give it along with the mid chapter test because there are so few questions on it. There is also an assessment book with multiple choice test in it. Sometimes I use the chapter test in the book to review and give the multiple choice assessment for a grade. These mirror our benchmark assessments so its good practice for the students.

cal33 07-21-2016 09:34 AM

I use a few of the Performance Tasks.
Sometimes I use the reteach pages as a quiz if they had trouble with the test.

mamaduffyof3 08-14-2016 06:41 PM

workbook pages
Hi! I have also used a few of the practice pages in the workbook for a grade as well. If I feel that the kids indicate that they have understood a skill through guided practice and the first practice page that we complete together, I have collected the second practice page after they complete it independently and give it a classwork grade (which is worth less than a test grade).

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