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Kinderkr4zy 03-19-2020 11:43 PM

Seriously this shouldn't be so hard
Im a homebody. I love long weekends just getting R and R at home. So... Why do I feel like I'm about to pop after only 4 days of sheltering in my home. Its supposed to be my spring break but I can't rest and relax as I feel so anxious about the developing crappy state of things-well that and my 5 webinars this week trying to get more knowledgeable about various online platforms. All the anxiety is adding to a stir crazy frantic feeling-I want out!

Ugh I would have thought this would be easier for me.

MissTrace 03-20-2020 12:45 AM

I'm feeling that way too. Usually I love being home and can entertain myself for days without leaving. For me it's not so much that I want to leave the house, it's that I'm not able to relax while I'm home. Hopefully we'll all settle into this soon.

NJ Teacher 03-20-2020 01:42 AM

Feeling the same...
I am right there with you! I am retired, and during the week, I don't generally travel around much. I do use the library and the gym. Now, with both closed, I feel a kind of restlessness and unease. My county has the largest number of cases in the state, and there are a lot of closures. This is necessary. Normalcy is gone, and I guess I'm mourning that, plus the uncertainty of it all. Our schools are closed for another week, but I fully expect that to be extended, as it shows no signs of slowing up here. Just glad I'm not working. Preparing lessons for distance learning has no appeal for me, and the state has not dropped the testing, SGO and documentation log requirements as far as i knew. Hats off to all those out there making education happen.

UVAgrl928 03-20-2020 03:47 AM

Iím totally a homebody and have bad anxiety. I expected to be having trouble, but itís been pretty easy so far. The hardest thing is not having answers (my district told us we are expected to work virtually, but hasnít given us details on how yet). My main issue will probably be when I need something small, determining if I really need it bad enough to go out.

Lottalove 03-20-2020 05:15 AM

Same same
I am even worse!! We worked through Tuesday and I run a few errands on Wednesday so it has only been a day or so for me. BUT it feels like I haven't seen another human for a Month! lol <!--giggle-->

I go days and days in the summer with minimal contact. I hate to talk on the phone. I don't know why this feels (seems) so different.

MAsped 03-20-2020 07:00 AM

I think I'm a moderate homebody too for sure. For as long as I can remember, I've never been bored at the house, so a vacation from work can never be too long for me, ha! I can keep myself busy at home. I'm working on trying to make my place like an oasis. I diffuse essential oils, maybe play music and do the following:

I LOVE TV though so I have TONS here to watch: Plenty of DVD movies plus the currently airing shows and I watch a LOT anyway. (No music playing while doing this of course.)

I can also be on the computer all day looking at interesting, informative things.

After that, I have a good amount of reading material and an Xbox 360, which I haven't done either of these in a LONG time.

Then, if all else fails, I can clean...notice I have this listed last, ha!

PoohBear 03-20-2020 08:26 AM

I think a lot of it is the *requirement* to be home and the uncertainty about how long itís going to be. Add anxiety about getting sick (or making someone else sick) and is not as relaxing as it seems it should be.

GraceKrispy 03-20-2020 11:32 AM

I realized (as my pants get tight, pajamas become my go-to outfit, and my scale groans) that I love being home, but I am never home this many days in a row. But I was out and about 2 days ago (out and about all by myself). I realize I need to start a regular habit of going for a short walk or something that requires me to be dressed and to move my body.

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