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maddydaddy 07-31-2011 07:10 PM

Meetings when you switch classes?
This will be my first year teaching in a school that uses looping. Because of this, I will have 3 different classes each day. For the past 2 years I used responsive classroom approaches in my room and had daily meetings which I used to instruct students on how to compliment others, how to solve problems, and other character building techniques.

My question is: Should I use meetings in every class or just my homeroom? My homeroom will be 5th grade and ideally I would like my 3rd grade students to learn the basics of RC and meetings.

kit1024 08-01-2011 05:21 PM

Me too...
I'm glad you asked this - I am wondering something similar...I will have my homeroom class all day except for 1/2 hour each day when my class and the other 3rd grade class switches for science and social studies. Since I won't have them very long (and I have a lot of social studies curriculum to teach) I'm not sure what to do. Maybe just do a "morning" meeting once a week? I thought I may do hopes and dreams with them, but not come up with our own set of rules, maybe just figure out how our hopes and dreams can be accomplished by following the rules my homeroom comes up with?

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