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Loveandmercy 01-15-2018 09:56 PM

Chapter books/Book bins/accessible to kids
Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have a system to store their chapter books for easy selection? (I teach 3rd grade.) We just got displaced last Oct from Norcal fires. WHole school has been refurbished. We finally return Jan 22. But my shelves are totally different ugh! Not ungrateful - it is very very nice but shelves are now real deep and I am gonna need to store books in bins. Any ideas? Looking on Amazon and Realy Good Stuff, they all look like the height of the bins will be too tall. Anyone out there who loves their bins?

GreyhoundGirl 01-18-2018 08:46 AM

I buy the bins from the dollar store. They hold up well and theyíre not too tall.

WordFountain 01-19-2018 10:34 AM

Another vote
for the Dollar Store. I usually go in the spring or summer and start buying up the supply.

Sometimes, Target dollar bins. Not always but Iíve had some luck in the summer. They cost more though... so again back to the Dollar Store.

Another idea: Donors Choose. Iíve gotten great projects funded throughout the years. I recently received 2 wobble chairs and privacy partitions. It took about 6 weeks from proposal to my order arriving.

Flaggerdoot 01-22-2018 09:04 AM

Dollar Store
I agree with the ladies above the cheapest route to go would be the dollar store. I do know a few teachers that joined together and ordered in bulk and ended up saving a lot of money since they were all looking for the same item it made sense. If all the teachers are needing bins maybe give a call and see how much a min. bulk order would be and divide it between a few teachers.

Loveandmercy 01-22-2018 07:48 PM


Chunkey 01-26-2018 05:06 AM

The bins that hold ice cubes may work also! (Walmart has them)

MrsCroak 01-26-2018 07:17 PM

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I have these boxes from Ikea. They have held up phenomenally. Only one has cracked in 8 years. If you have an Ikea nearby, I highly recommend a trip. They have these same bins in different sizes, so I have larger bins for my nonfiction books that tend to be different sizes.

Here's a picture of a portion of my library with these bins. My favorite part is that they are clear and I can change my classroom colors whenever I want.

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