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PoppySeed1110 09-27-2018 12:52 AM

Time management
I am trying to get some help before things get too out of hand. I have been beginning to stay late in school trying to catch up with things needing to be done in the classroom. Unfortunately, this is leading to little to no time for actually grading student work. Time management is the one persistent issue I have with teaching. And between only having four prep periods a week and one or two of them being used for PLCs. It's hard to keep up. Especially when we are supposed to have anchor charts for everything, data walls, word walls, I&RS, behavioral plans, parent phone calls umongst the plethora of things. I am so wiped out by the end of the day, I cannot motivate myself to work at home. My weekends are already consumed by lesson planning and just errands.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to manage time more effectively? It seems to be the one thing I cannot get real clear and purposeful advice on.

apple annie 09-29-2018 07:39 PM

What grade?

You may need to have a sit-down with your principal and grade level partners, and ask for clarification on what they are. What can you let go? Our math teachers had to do this because the math curriculum higher ups kept finding all these "great new programs" (in addition to the great old programs). Finally the math teachers had to say PICK ONE.

Mshope 10-04-2018 01:48 PM

The Norm
This hard has been particularly grueling so far. We are just getting bombarded with time consuming things to all of a sudden need to do. I handle it the way I always have. I come in EARLY. No one is really in the building so I am not interrupted much. The copying machine is free and I can set things up for the day.

The other way I try to cut down on work is by using technology. I feel that emailing parents is quicker than calling and playing phone tag. I also do some programs where I can have the computer score the quiz or whatever. Of course, the multiple choice is frowned on but I can use that data to drive instruction. When I grade a paper exit slip or something, it takes me hours to figure out who need remediation. Of course, setting up the technology also takes time but I try to avoid scoring multiple choice as much as possible. Can the kids help make the anchor charts? Can you buy or use free ones from TPT?

I leave on time. There are too many distractions after school so I get out fast. I do work a little at home but only on certain night. Now, on the weekend, I do use Sunday as partly a work and planning day.

EatPrayLove 11-03-2018 02:47 PM

I'm in a similar boat. I practically burned out last year from 'over-doing'. I too realize emailing parents is easier than calling. I also will try to grade with the kids--which is win win because they know their mistakes or what went well, and I can grade the work much easier when they have gone through it a first time. I also will recruit kids to help me with projects--they earn a class dollar to spend at the store. I also ask myself: what are my top 3 (priorities)? I will burn myself out if I try to do too much.

Everyone above has made great comments on this issue!

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