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Ke.wolf.lly 03-04-2019 05:06 PM

Working with aides
I'm not the best at managing my aides. I'm very grateful for them and the work they do. I'm lucky my class is very low maintenance this year and my aides have extra free time. I have some basic issues I need help with.
1. Things for them to do during prep period
2. Helping them to be more self motivated
3. Being consistent with all students and not playing favorites
4. Maintaining personal space
Thanks 😊

pdxteacher 03-04-2019 08:16 PM

I'm a little confused - do your aides have a prep period during the school day? When they're not supporting students? Or, are you asking about time before and after school? If that's the case, I would be having them work on prepping materials. Doesn't matter if it's for this week, this year, or next year.

I think paras are self-motivated when they have tasks to do and explicit instruction. When do they need to show more self-initiation?

When it comes to playing favorites, you need to explicitly set the guidelines. The same with personal space (with you? with the kids?) - sounds like you need to have a team meeting and go over expectations. Maybe create a "spring refresher" guideline of what you expect and what is/isn't appropriate behavior.

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