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suzanna1 03-20-2019 07:52 PM

I am just retired and have a son with adhd mostly inattentive in his first year of high school 9th grade. If I spend a lot of time with him, he can get 80s but he often gets zeros on classwork or homework because he forgets to do it or forgets to complete work he was unable to do at school. I feel that his inclusion and academic support teachers should be implementing a plan so he wont be getting zeros because of his neurological deficit. I think they think he is in hs now so he should just get it together. Any hs teachers out there?

GraceKrispy 03-20-2019 08:25 PM

Does he have an IEP or a 504? If not, I'd start there. Then I'd have a meeting and come prepared with the supports you think he needs and have that discussion with teachers. It sounds like he has an IEP because of your comments about inclusion and academic support teachers. In that case, I'd make a meeting with his case manager and express your concerns.

SDT 03-21-2019 03:21 AM

I agree that you definitely need a meeting with his case manager. I would also caution you however that high school is preparing him for college, locational training, and/or a job. He will have a little to no support in those situations. Well supports are necessary and appropriate, he should also be learning self management strategies that he can use when he leaves high school to keep himself on track. So, he might have the case manager checking in to ensure that assignments are completed, but I would pair that with learning to use a planner (paper or an app on his phone - his choice) to track assignment completion on his own. The supports should be gradually faded as he develops coping skills. High school is only four years. It will fly by in many respects. I strongly encourage parents in junior high and early high school to place a strong emphasis on learning self-management skills because the kids are going to need them before you know it.

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