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boymomof3 03-22-2019 09:39 AM

Inclusion math
Hi everyone. I am new to this board and so excited to have found it. I teach 2-6 grade special education math. I push in to all of those grade levels. Our school used Everyday Math. I also have some students in the same classrooms that are on a modified curriculum, so I am having to work that in as well. I am finding it hard to work on basic skills my students need yet still keeping them with the math program in their classes. How can I help them learn multiplication when they can't add and subtract yet. I just feel like the gaps will get bigger as time goes on. I want to do the best job I can do, but I am really feeling defeated. Thank you for any suggestions and help.

Haley23 03-24-2019 10:54 AM

I'm guessing your school is requiring you to do inclusion rather than pull outs? This is why I could never work in an inclusion position. It doesn't make sense to help kids muddle through gen ed curriculum as opposed to actually teaching them basics they will use and need. I am surprised that they wouldn't do pull outs for even kids with modified curriculum. That really makes no sense.

Are you allowed to run small groups within the gen ed classroom? If I were ever forced to push-in, this is what I'd do. If you need "evidence" to back you up, "station teaching" is one of the six methods of co-teaching, so it's research based. I'd do as much specific skill work as you can in those small groups.

anrach20 03-24-2019 06:25 PM

I teach inclusion in elementary and have found the best way is to either do stations as suggested above, or pull my students for a small group within the classroom to work on a re-teach of the current skills and then work on IEP goals or remedial skills. I prefer the later as I can focus more on my own students needs. This means not spending a huge amount of time on the whole group lesson. I found this challenging with the Everyday math curriculum. We are currently using a different program. The lower students need more time for practicing skills independently, so I try to pull them after about 15-20 minutes of whole group instruction and that leaves a decent amount of time with them with a 60 minute block for math.

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