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snazzyjazzy 05-14-2019 08:52 PM

Suggestions/Guidance please
I have be asked to interview for an adaptive behavior (AB) teaching position. I have subbed about 20 times in the class and it is not set up like a typical AB program. Before my interview (probably next Wednesday-unsure of the day because it was postponed and we are testing this week), I have to come up with 5 ways to improve the program and 5 ways to ensure success in the gen. ed classroom for the kids in the program. I also have to discuss how I plan on utilizing my para. Both the teacher and the para are leaving at the end of the school year so both will be new. Quick overview of the current program: 1 child is self contained except for 3.5 hrs (the child is in resource/gen ed for lunch-specials). 20 additional kids are checked on throughout the day but are in a gen. ed setting. They are Arded minutes ranging from 1 min to 90 minutes a day but can get extra. The teacher leads 3 social skills groups. Both the para and the teacher handle all behavior calls concerning the 21 students. Teacher complains of not having a conference/lunch time so that is definitely 1 improvement I want to make. I have 5 years teaching experience but they have all been in gen ed. I was also a para for 3.5 years.
Example Schedule:
8:20 self contained child arrives and starts morning work-usually with the para
8:30-9:00 Social Skills group (k-2), self contained child goes to resource from 8:45-9:30
9:00-10:35. both para and teacher are checking on students
10:35-11 para goes to storytime in gen ed class with self contained child
11-12:30 para is covering lunch duty for k-2, teacher is with self-contained child from 11-12-then goes to lunch. para goes to lunch from 12-12:30.
12:30-1 self contained child plays on the computer (free time), teacher leads social skills (2nd-3rd ).
1-2 self contained child goes to resource, para and teacher gets more minutes
2-2:30 social skills group 5th grade and self contained student
2:30-3:00 self contained student gets more free time on the computer
3:00-3:30 self contained child is walked outside to recess, then para and teacher get remaining minutes.
3:30 dismissal

Thank you for the suggestions/ideas

WGReading 05-15-2019 10:26 AM

For a few of the improvements/success points, you might want to think about if there is an incentive or reward system you would like to use both in your classroom and for the program kids when they are in gen ed. Or if there is something in place that needs to be used, how you might adjust that. That is a HUGE component of our developmental therapy program/classroom.

Also, communication and classroom plans created in collaboration between you and the classroom teachers who will be working with the students on your caseload. How will you communicate the schedule, any schedule interruptions, if the student needs additional support, what social skills or specific areas of concern the student is working on (so gen ed teacher can be on the same page)?

I would also think about a broad plan for the time that is spent checking in on the students in gen ed. Will there be a schedule? Will it be based on student needs that week/day? Will kids be pulled out or someone pushed in during that time if a student needs more support?

Just a few ideas based on things I've seen go well or poorly in our building since this program moved in a few years ago.

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