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CricketSong 07-08-2013 05:29 PM

Ebay vent
I think a man is trying to scam my husband.

My husband sold a car door on Ebay. We have a broken down Tahoe and he wanted to see of he could gut it and sell it piece part himself. So far so good. Well, he sold a door for 50 dollars. The shipping was over a hundred. It was sold cheap but people were going to make us pay to get it to the junk yard so any profit at all is good.

Then the drama began. The man said it was damaged in shipping. I sold an item once that was damaged in shipping and we got the UPS report right away. It has been a week and no report. We have , however, gotten emails from UPS stating they tried to stop by and inspect the door and the man has not been home. The man is emailing every few hours demanding his 160 dollars back. We only made 50 profit. We would lose money giving it back. We asked him to return the door and he said only if we pay him up front for the expensive shipping. We said no. Now he is trying to trash our name. We think he is up to no good. My husband took photographs of this door before shipping. It had some very identifying marks on it. My husband asked him to photograoh the unique areas and send him photos. He refuses and says he is the victim and shouldn't have to do that.

We got an email tonight saying UPS has investigated. They charged us 130 for some unknown reason we have to call about, but they said in the email that the damage claim was denied. The man is still demanding his money back and is still "furious" at his loss.

What do we do?

Clarity 07-08-2013 07:04 PM

Contact eBay and see if the guy
has any history with them. You should be able to open a case against him.

We have an eBay store, so it could be different, but our buyers have to pay shipping both ways to return the item.

The only thing he could do is give you a bad feedback and then you can explain what happened (short but sweet) in your feedback of him.

He does sound crazy. His claim would be against UPS anyway, not you, because you can prove you did not send it out damaged.

Mrs. Bee 07-08-2013 07:32 PM

Keep us posted...
Just posted something on E-bay today... It makes me nervous about that. I bought something one time and sent a cashier's check to the seller (who had ALOT of business) and then I got the product and she claimed I hadn't paid her. I disputed it with Ebay.

I'd like to know what happens. This can be frustrating.

Sbkangas5 07-08-2013 07:56 PM

For now just sit tight. Save every email and communication you get from him. If he is legit and it really was damaged he will have to file a dispute through paypal to get his money back, but first they will make him send it back to you and pay for the shipping. It sounds like he is just pfishing for a free door so he probably will drop it when he sees you aren't a sucker.

I've dealt with plenty of sneaky ebay buyers and 99% of the time they will back down as soon as they see you aren't going to refund them right away.

rlyndecker 07-08-2013 10:52 PM

Dispute with ebay
File a dispute with eBay ASAP. If your husband has pictures & the buyer refuses to take pictures or help in any way I am guessing he is scamming you & eBay (or PayPal) should be able to help with it.

That's why sometimes I hate selling on eBay. I had a seller tell me some game system I sold didn't work correctly even though I knew it did. Buyer refused to send it back period & filed a complaint. At the time he was able to leave me - feedback...eBay found in my favor though.

As a buyer I have had to send things back and pay S&H both ways even if it was damaged (which kind of annoys me but whatever)

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