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ICrazyTeach 10-21-2020 11:55 AM

Dear Parent
Dear Parent,
YOU are not in kindergarten. Please stop doing your child's work. I mean, apparently you could use the handwriting practice. And following directions seems to be a struggle. But this isn't about you. You're not helping. Your kid is going to be a complete lost mess when they finally step into a classroom.

mommy9298 10-21-2020 01:27 PM

Yes!! I teach first grade. I have parents tearing the pencil out of their childís hand, erasing it and writing the answer. I kindly say please do your best on your own. Some of these kids wonít make it out of the next grade. Of course they will be star students in first grade. I donít know how to solve this problem.

ConnieWI 10-21-2020 02:18 PM

So Sorry This is Happening to You!
At virtual conferences, I think you must address the problem head on with the parent.

Explain how you noticed the parent is doing the child's work and that this is not going to bode well for the child when learning returns to face-to-face.

Explain how mistakes are a learning experience and how the child deserves to learn from his/her mistakes.

Lilbitkm 10-21-2020 04:15 PM

I could say the same to two parents of my third graders...

One at least does it off camera.

The other literally sits in front of the computer and types for her child. He sits with his hands behind his head, playing with toys, or eating while lounging back in his chair. He is also significantly behind grade level- Iíve spoken with her multiple times and she says she is ďsupporting himĒ not doing it for him. The child canít tell me the name of a color but is writing 5 sentences paragraphs. She insists he does all of his work independently but if I ever call on him, mom will tell him the answer and he just repeats.
Heís going to really struggle when we go back in person.

Sbkangas5 10-21-2020 04:49 PM

I could have written that same post! I had to say to a child in our meeting today "I don't want to know what your dad says you like to do - I want to know what YOU like to do". I even had a mom playing a bingo game for her child. She jumped up yelling "bingo!" over and over until I acknowledged him. And he couldn't have cared less! LOL<!--eyebrow-->

Tiamat 10-21-2020 11:15 PM

We were only remote for six weeks, and in that time I got a lot of work handed in in mumís handwriting (or at least definitely not the 6 year old). One girl raced so far ahead in our reading program I knew it couldnít possibly be her doing it (like, four levels a day). She struggled for months when we returned.

hikinghiker 10-22-2020 07:43 AM

My grade level isn't even doing any turns ins for assignments or assessments this semester for that exact reason. It's not accurate in the least.

Thankfully most of my parents understood when I explained not to help, but I do have a few that just won't step back and now their children barely know anything because they automatically look for an adult instead of thinking for themselves. One more I can tell its such a struggle for but she's been really good at taking a step back.

I think it also helped that I gave parents a list of ways they could help. For example, I said you can help your child recall the story by asking questions like, "what was your favorite part?" or "did you like any pictures?" and for writing, I said that they could help by asking their child about their picture to help develop language skills.

Mrs. Bee 10-22-2020 02:00 PM

It's Scary
I teach third grade and have one mom glued right next to the girl. "The girl" turns things in at 11pm some nights. When I kindly asked the mom to let this other girl and her daughter alone in a breakout room to work together, the mom started making excuses about her daughter not being able to .... to which I had to cut her off and explain, I didn't mind her there at other times, but I can't have her sitting in with her daughter and another child. When I popped back in shortly after, the other girl was quietly working and the mother's daughter had her camera off so I know Mom was right there doing something. So I cancelled all the partner work so furious because most of these kids are desperately needing that social outlet, and here this mom is ruining an opportunity. I also had them do a Flipgrid and the mom sat off camera prompting this girl, third grade, and this girl starts talking baby talk. I showed last year's teacher and asked her what she thought and she was shocked at how this girl sounded.

I broached the subject of whether our district had parents sign any type of waiver that they cannot talk about what possibly goes on during "School". This type of Mom is one of those who runs her mouth on social media.

But ... this is only a drop in the bucket of what the district is doing to those of us teaching remotely. I've been disillusioned with teaching for the last four years and I think this could be the final year. It's really sad, I used to love teaching and was hoping I could find that spark again. It's dead......

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