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annie_g 10-28-2020 08:56 AM

Cute Netflix series
Has anyone else watched Emily in Paris? I'm sure I'm not really its intended audience, but I found it a nice distraction from Covid and the election. I hope they do a second season.

h0kie 10-28-2020 09:18 AM

I really enjoyed it, too! Iím hoping for a second season as well.

It made me switch over to Hulu and watch Find Me in Paris. Not as good, but I donít hate it. LOL

GraceKrispy 10-28-2020 09:53 AM

I watched it several weeks back and thought it was really cute, too! I also hope for a second season. I'm never going to remember all these shows that may get another season down the road.

abc123gal 10-28-2020 10:38 AM

Emily in Paris
Yes, I really liked it.

PoohBear 10-28-2020 11:33 AM

i watched 4 or 5 episodes and decided I am not the audience. ;) It was ok but just as with books, there are too many things on my list to continue with something I'm not fully enjoying.

3monkeys 10-28-2020 11:37 AM

I really enjoyed this series, too.

RetiredKat 10-28-2020 02:09 PM

I'm about half way through it. Very enjoyable.

MrsP0405 10-28-2020 04:25 PM

I'm also about halfway through and love it.

1956BD 10-29-2020 09:08 PM

Watched 5 episodes tonight
Thank you for telling us about this series. :D

readerleader 10-30-2020 03:34 PM

Emily in Paris
I enjoyed it. I especially watched to see her outfits!

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