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tchrrx 12-15-2020 06:01 AM

Garage Sale help needed
This is a spin-off of the ďSo Much Garbage...and StuffĒ thread.

I have a room with stacks of things for a spring garage sale. Iíd like to start sticking price tags on it now so it isnít so overwhelming later. I donít usually go to garage sales, so I have no idea how to price anything. Iíd appreciate any successful pricing and set up tips you can give me.

*Iím planning on approaching the HOA to see if several people in the neighborhood want to have a sale on the same weekend to drum up more traffic.

kahluablast 12-15-2020 06:06 AM

I would think what I might pay for it, then depending on if you are cheap or not, price it up or down from there.

I would only put prices on the big items. Smaller, less expensive things you might want to think about having tables- like a $1 table, $5 table, etc and then just box the stuff together for now.

I gave up having garage sales. Sometimes I sell larger things on FB or Nextdoor, but I just give things to the thrift store now. Too much hassle for me. I love hitting them sometimes though!

lisa53 12-15-2020 07:47 AM

What is your goal? (Besides getting rid of stuff, of course)

Do you want to make some money? Or would you be happy to just get rid of the stuff?

If you have a lot, and money isnít the driving force, I would start donating at least some of the stuff. If getting some extra cash is important, you can try ThredUp for clothing. You might try your local listserv or other social media to find homes for larger more costly items, like yard equipment.

Try to pare down the quantity over the winter, and keep certain categories for your spring sale, so maybe you can have a theme or two. (Kidís toys, for example, or books, or old china).

Be sure you can display items so people can browse. If you have somewhere to hang clothes, for example, people can see them better.

Certain items (kids clothes, for example) can be sorted by size and sold by the bag for a small price.

I second the idea of tables with a set price. Use color coded dots on the items to indicate the price.

Also, be willing to dicker.

I have brought in families to yard sales with the promise of a kidsí free table with small toys and books. Usually the parents will buy other items while there.

Yard sales are a lot of work for (usually) a small profit (if you donít count your prep time).

MACMama 12-15-2020 09:28 AM

Yard sales
For me, a yard sale is to get rid of my clutter. If I make a couple of dollars then yahoo! I have been to yard sales where people clearly wanted to make money and charged almost new prices. If it isn't at least half of what it is new, it isn't worth paying for. I'm really cheap and do 75% of the new price and then end up taking less if offered. Then, when the sale is over, the leftovers get boxed and thrown in the car to be donated that same day. If I didn't want them in the morning when I put them out, I sure don't want them in the afternoon!

mhugs 12-15-2020 10:48 AM

yard sale
We have given up on yard sales. They are a lot of work to get ready for, break down, and then having to deal with the left overs. Not to mention a day or two to have the sale.

We have a SAVERS Store here that benefits the Epilepsy Foundation New England and actually has a truck that will come pick up donations.

You cab go to to find a location near you and the charity they support. They will give you a charity donation slip to use for tax deductions.

Cat woman 12-15-2020 10:49 AM

I have done rummage sales mainly to get rid of stuff. I only price large items. Then I set up a table that might be “Fill a bag for x dollars”. I found clothes doesn’t seem to sell very well. Items that I do put a tag on are sold really cheap because my goal is to get rid of things! By really cheap I mean generally under $5. Even then people will try to bargain— I am very amiable to what they offer(keeping my goal of getting rid of it forefront)

And, I offer a refund if an item doesn’t work. I had a Rubbermaid tub of Christmas lights— probably 15 sets, I wanted $5 for (not including the tub). The woman offered me $2. I refused. She reluctantly bought them for $5 after I assured her she could return any that didn’t work. I had tested them all so I knew they worked. My sister was appalled and told me a few choice words she would have said LOL. I am pretty easy going ;)

readerleader 12-16-2020 10:56 AM

Depends what you have. Big ticket items, sell on another platform: FB Marketplace, Offerup, etc.

Price everything else super cheap. People do not want to pay much at a garage sale. I just figure whatever I get is more than I had. I don't want to have to haul it off afterwards. I don't price things. I think it puts people off.

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